Checking your breast after reconstruction

After surgery it’s very important that you continue to check both your reconstructed breast and your natural breast. Your surgeon or a breast care nurse can show you how.

If you find a lump, all the normal diagnostic methods, such as MRI scans and Ultrasound, can still be used. A number of studies have shown that a breast reconstruction – Implant or Own Tissue – will not hide a cancer.

Avoiding further problems

You can reduce the risk of complications after surgery by taking particular care of the wound and the area around it. It’s best not to use anti-perspirants, perfumes or any products that contain alcohol in this area. You should also use unperfumed soap and take showers rather than baths if possible. If the wound itches, do not scratch it – it usually means the healing process has begun.

You will probably have to wear surgical stockings made of thick white elastic before and after surgery to reduce the risk of blood clots forming in your legs.