our mission

BRA Foundation was born of a simple need. As a leading specialist in the field, Mr. Jian Farhadi is daily confronted by women whose destiny dictates the need for mastectomy. After hundreds of conversations with his patients (compiling many testimonials of their experiences), and regular exchange with his medical peers, Mr. Farhadi realised there was a gaping chasm for improved knowledge surrounding reconstruction options. Born of this conviction, Mr. Farhadi actively seeks to fill this void through the activities of the BRA Foundation; ultimately offering a wealth of information accessible to everyone – including the partners, families and friends of cancer patients.

Patients today wish to be better informed, quickly and thoroughly, so that both their decision making and expectations can be better managed. Here at the BRA Foundation, we hope that this online resource gives women the knowledge they need to make difficult decisions, so they don’t feel alone or overwhelmed.

We also aim to provide further information about breast reconstruction to professionals in the medical field, as well as those in associated national and international organisations.