In a nipple sparing mastectomy the breast is removed while retaining the skin, nipple and areola, hence no nipple reconstruction is necessary. The decision for a nipple sparing mastectomy depends on the location and type of cancer. Furthermore nipple sparing mastectomy is offered to woman undergoing risk reducing bilateral mastectomy.

Is nipple sparing mastectomy safe?

The indication and technique for this type of mastectomy is evolving. Currently it can be safely performed for risk reducing purposes. In a mastectomy for an underlying cancer some clinicans combine the procedure with intraoperative radiotherapy to the nipple.

Where is the incision placed in a nipple sparing mastectomy?

Depending of the size and shape of the breast and nipple, the incision are placed around the areola, inframmary fold or at the outer border of the breast.

Will the nipple retain its function?

No. As the breast tissue is removed, the function of the nipple is lost. The sensation of the skin will be altered, possibly completely lost.

What is the risk of nipple sparing mastectomy?

The most important complication is necrosis of the nipple and loss of it. That would mean further surgery for correction.